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As a company, Element 7 brings together a team from many corners of the globe – USA, Australia, Philippines, China, Barbados, India, and Greece. Our diversity not only unites us but also creates a shared sense of responsibility for how we as a business can play an impactful role in climate change.

In the last six months alone, extreme fires in Australia, typhoons in the Philippines, heatwaves in India, biological diseases in China, and the threat of rising sea levels in Barbados and Greece, forced us a company to really reconsider our position and stance on climate change, as all of these events affected close family members of ours.

Element 7 no longer believes that zero-carbon emission platforms, or best-practice recycling, reduction, and waste management programs are enough. More drastic changes are needed. We are two decades away from permanent climate damage that cannot be reversed. By 2040, carbon emissions will be at levels so drastic that catastrophe is inevitable and the ‘climate tipping point’ has been passed.

Our company is focused not only on what we can do to change carbon levels at our facilities, and properties, but more importantly, in all of the communities we operate.

In Willits, we have committed to building a 1-Acre Urban Farm that will become a showcase for the region – creating jobs, educating children, and removing harmful carbon from the environment. Urban farms like this reduce food waste, reduce emissions, improve liveability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Rio Dell, Eureka, Fort Bragg, Ukiah, and Arcata, we have committed to Save the Redwoods League – a project aimed at expanding and protecting what’s left of California’s Redwood Forests which actively remove atmospheric CO2 from the environment. These trees sequester 250X more carbon than regular trees.

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