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Success is best
when it’s shared.

– Howard shultz

Retail Operations at Scale

Element 7 is a retail cannabis company with an operational footprint that spans California. With a focus on educating customers, social justice and inclusion, and operating with a very local voice and footprint, Element 7 is a driving force for change in the industry. Our mission is to become ‘California’s most local cannabis company’. We see every day as an opportunity to create an impact in the local communities we do business in. Element 7. We are California Local.

With a mission of becoming the largest cannabis retailer in the State of California, we are well on our way to achieving our mission and disrupting the industry and have projects under development in 12 cities across the State.

Proven Experience and Market Understanding

We have the team, experience, financial backing, and business model that brings direct economic benefit to Cities as we look to become the most compliant, controlled, taxed, tested, and trusted cannabis business in the industry. We see compliance as a competitive advantage.

Unlike like other large retailers though, our Cannabis with a Conscience business model doesn’t funnel profits back to a large holding company. We put equity directly into the business and the hands of the community, bringing the discipline and structure of a retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local. We believe this is the optimal model for compliant sustainable retail business operations – centrally regulated operations with a very local footprint.

We Have Unmatched Cannabis Industry Experience

Element 7’s initiatives and experience in cannabis are significant and include:

California’s Largest and Most Local Retail Footprint. With retail licenses secured, permitted, and under development across over 25 cities in California, no other retail cannabis operator has the scale that Element 7 brings to the California market.

Daily Hemp Co. and SLAY Health are a range of hemp-oil phytocannabinoid rich brands powered by Element 7, sold through mass retail, Amazon, specialty stores, and direct mail.

Retail Experience Where it Counts

Element 7 was formed with a vision of operating in a world where cannabis is culturally accepted and legally prescribed to treat humanity’s most destructive medical illnesses.

Our core management team brings decades of experience in building, owning and operating cannabis brands and businesses, packaged consumer goods (PepsiCo), retail sales management (independent store, convenience, and large grocery experience), global business operations and management (WPP) and small business operations, including Charter Schools and tech start-ups.

Element 7 LLC, is a cannabis licensing company with substantial experience in California educating cities and counties on cannabis policy and operating cannabis businesses from cultivation through to retail.

We know that customer education and community engagement are the foundations for widespread attitude shifts that will change how cannabis is viewed, opening up the potential for cannabis as a natural herbal medical treatment. To achieve this vision, our strategic priority is to change the way cannabis is prescribed by doctors and adopted by patients and, indeed, by users as well. We do this by introducing a broad range of innovative cannabis products that can help those suffering from an equally broad range of medical and emotional health issues.

We Partner with Cities to Eradicate Non-Compliant Cannabis

Cannabis that is untested, untaxed, and unregulated is not only bad for business, it’s also dangerous for consumers. Everyone should have the right to experience the health benefits and pleasures of this incredible plant; however, to protect patients from health risks and the community from crime, cannabis must be sold by compliant, clean, controlled, taxed, and trusted operating partners.

We will go head-to-head with these unlicensed operators on price and service, and we will push well beyond them in terms of product quality, selection, and education. This is the only way to eliminate the criminal element from the cannabis industry. We know we can do this.

We Have Robust, Exclusive Product Relationships

We have established a substantive array of cannabis industry relationships, each of which will us bring our premium Element 7 experience to life. These include Wonderbrett, an iconic name in the LA Cannabis scene and a team that has been cultivating premium handcrafted cannabis since 1993 (in 1997 Brett was given a cut of the original OG Kush, which catapulted him into the upper echelons of the LA cannabis scene, where he has been ever since). Wonderbrett products are in huge demand at the moment, and we will be introducing an Element 7 exclusive range to the dispensary that is sure to be a hit with local consumers. We will build partnerships with locally licensed cultivators and manufacturers to support local craft cannabis production from the County. We are passionate about small-batch craft premium cannabis which is why we have Justin Calvino on our team – the father of California’s craft cannabis and appellations movement.

With the focus shifting towards not only attracting customers but also, through impeccable customer experience, to building unshakable loyalty, Element 7 is ideally and strategically positioned to offer consumers a product they want from brands they trust and to do so in ways that will create lasting loyalty. This will not only be good for business, but it will also be good for the City – each loyal Element 7 customer is one less customer for non-compliant and untaxed operators. Element 7 will leverage its infrastructure in cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, with its growing interests and expertise in branding, marketing, and data.

All this together will power the rise of Element 7, making us one of the cannabis brands that will shape and transform the cannabis industry, first in California and then globally.

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